Retreats and Classes


Growing Your Home Practice:
A Non-Residential Retreat

Feb 10 and 17. Two Friday daylongs at Spirit Rock—separated by a week of “daily life practice” in your own home and workplace, supported by practice assignments, guided meditations, and dharma discussions.

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Monthly Mornings of Mindfulness
at Soulstice Spa in Sausalito—beginning Feb 18! Refresh your spirit and ground your energy with a regular Sunday morning two-hour “mini meditation retreat.”

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Foundations of Embodied Mindfulness
at Soulstice Spa in Sausalito. Begins in March. A 30-hour training (one weekend per month for three months) in an embodied approach to mindfulness meditation, especially suited for yoga students/teachers and somatic practitioners.

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The Yoga of Writing and Creativity
March 7-9 2017. Three-day pre-conference retreat at the Sedona Yoga Festival. Re-connect with your authentic voice and awaken your creativity energy through a powerful combination of meditation, creative writing, and gentle exploratory yoga.
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Finding Freedom: Embodied and Expressive Practices that Liberate
April 2, 2017. A day of meditation, movement, and mindfulness-based theatre games to access and give expression to our true nature—in partnership with performance artist and renowned teacher Nina Wise.

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Drinking from the Inner River: A Women’s Meditation Retreat in Nature
July 15-19, 2017, Vallecitos Mountain Ranch. Nourish your wild spirit and reconnect with your own deepest nature in an embodied meditation retreat in a spectacular wilderness setting.
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Embodied, Empowered, and awake: A Women’s Meditation and Movement Retreat
September 25-October 1, 2017, Spirit Rock Meditation Center. We all need nourishing spaces to slow down and listen to the wisdom of our bodies-so we can grow into the wise, wild, present, and joyful women that the world desperately needs. Join a diverse circle of women for a retreat that integrates a seamless flow of mindfulness meditation in both movement and in stillness.
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Embodying Awakening: Yoga and Meditation
October 10-15 2017, Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Through an integrated flow of meditation in movement and in stillness, we discover that what we call “body” and what we call “mind” are different aspects of the same living presence.
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