For over two decades Anne Cushman has been exploring and writing about the world of Buddhism, yoga, and psychospiritual inquiry, in essays that combine insight, humor, and personal revelation. Here are a few of her stories that have touched hundreds of thousands of readers:

Dancing in Foam & Other Adventures, Shambhala Sun, January 2013

Do Just Sit There, Yoga International, Spring 2012

The Best-Laid Plans, Shambhala Sun, July 2011

At Ease, Soldier, Yoga International, Spring 2011

Yoga Rat, Shambhala Sun, January 2011

The Yoga of Creativity, Tricycle, Summer 2010

The Big Questions, Shambhala Sun, September 2006

Fifteen Weeks of Dharma Dating, Tricycle, Summer 2006

Will I Die, Too? Will You?, Shambhala Sun, September 2005

Yoga Chic and the First Noble Truth, Shambala Sun, July 2003

Into the Heart of Sorrow, Yoga Journal, March 2001

Mothering as Meditation Practice, Tricycle, Fall 2001

The Sadhu From Texas,, April 1998

Spiritual Discomfort,, June 1998

Iyengar Looks Back, An Interview with Anne Cushman
Yoga Journal, December 1997