I offer private coaching and mentoring sessions to a limited number of students worldwide via Zoom and phone, or in person in my home office in Fairfax, California. Most students meet with me approximately once a month. Due to high demand and limited availability, I am currently only accepting students who can commit to at least four sessions over the course of a year.

In my private sessions, I use individually tailored practices from the traditions of mindfulness meditation, Buddhist dharma, and yoga to help you bring more ease, presence, and creativity to your life circumstances.

Areas of focus include:

Creativity Coaching
  • Melt creative blocks

  • Tap into your intuition

  • Enhance the flow of energy and imagination

  • Manifest your artistic vision

  • Stay grounded and centered in the midst of your projects

  • Get feedback on works in progress

Body-Mind Balancing
  • Calm an anxious mind

  • Lift a low mood

  • Free yourself from patterns of obsessive thought

  • Cultivate joy, kindness, compassion, and equanimity

Daily Life Mindfulness
  • Be more present for family and friends

  • Savor joys more fully

  • Meet sorrows with compassion

  • Deepen your capacity to connect

Sessions may include guided meditation, visualization, and self-reflection; gentle guided movement; mindful breath practices; dialogue and inquiry; journaling assignments; creative brainstorming; and editorial feedback on works in progress, depending on your needs and interests.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact me.