Moving Into Meditation: A 12-Week Mindfulness Program for Yoga Practitioners

“Anne invites you to integrate yoga, meditation, and love into a seamless whole.”
~ Jack Kornfield

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“In Moving Into Meditation there is no rigidity or expectation—as so often experienced in public classes—but rather the sense of time, space, freedom, and encouragement to explore your own needs. Anne is not delivering a well-trodden path; she is drawing from her own life and practice as yoga and meditation flow together into the same river of awareness.”
~ Angela Farmer, yoga pioneer and creator of The Feminine Emerging, Inner Body Flow, and other videos


In recent years,“mindfulness” has blasted into mainstream culture much as yoga did two decades ago, making “mindful yoga” an appealing trend. But how does mindful yoga evolve from a buzz-worthy concept to a lived experience? How do yoga asanas and pranayama support and express the practice of meditation? How do you explore the teachings of the Buddha through the vehicle of your own living, breathing, human body?

Experienced yoga and meditation teacher Anne Cushman answers all these questions and more in Moving into Meditation, teaching us to deepen our asana practices with mindfulness meditation and enhance our meditation practice with asana. With compassion, humor, and deep intelligence, Moving into Meditation guides us through integrating mind, body, and spirit practices for a wide-awake life.

Its systematic, week-by-week format—which progresses through the Buddha’s four foundations of mindfulness as well as yoga’s five koshas– is accompanied by a
downloadable video course 
that can help you dive deeper into each week’s practices.

In the Moving Into Meditation book, retreats, and videos, you’ll learn to:

  • Move into intimate connection with your body, heart, mind, and life.

  • Practice yoga as meditation in motion.

  • Cultivate a daily home practice of seated meditation that’s grounded in your body

  • Nourish inner peace and stability through specific breathing practices that work directly with your nervous system to calm
 you when you’re anxious and energize you when you’re down

  • Connect with your intuitive wisdom and creativity through an inner-body approach to yoga and meditation that can help you whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner