Welcome to Moving Into Meditation

Below are three free, downloadable videos to accompany some of the practices described in my book Moving Into Meditation. I hope they support you on your journey to connect more deeply with your body, heart, and mind. The videos are a labor of love, shot in my home studio by my beloved partner Teja Bell (who also wrote the music) and featuring friends who generously demonstrated the sequences.They are excerpted from a 12-hour, self-paced course which offers practices to accompany every chapter in my book. 

Wishing you joy,
Anne Cushman

Video One:
Welcome to Moving Into Meditation:
A 30-minute guided exploration of meditation in movement and in stillness.
You may download Video One to your computer by clicking here.


Video Two:
Sit With Ease:
A 12-minute guide to a stable and comfortable seated meditation posture.
You may download Video Two to your computer by clicking here.


Video Three:
Coming Home to Your Heart: A mindful yoga journey through your emotional body
You may download Video Three to your computer by clicking here.


If you found these videos helpful and would like to do more, I invite you to join me for a a 12-week, self-paced video program in which I’ll guide you in how to bring these practices into your life in a deeper way.

  • Nourish peace and stability through specific breathing practices that work directly with your nervous system to calm you when you’re anxious and energize you when you’re down

  • Connect with your intuitive wisdom and creativity through an inner-body approach to yoga and meditation that can help you whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner

  • Move into intimate connection with your body, heart, mind, and life

  • Relax and open your body and mind in preparation for meditation

  • Understand what brings freedom to your heart and mind—and what imprisons them

  • Work skillfully with restlessness, sleepiness, and other meditation challenges

  • Go deeper into your emotional body

  • Be more gentle with your body, heart, and mind

  • Make friends with yourself just the way you are